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DIN A 13 tanzcompany

DIN A 13 tanzcompany is world wide one of the few dance companies with dancers with and without disabilities. Since its foundation by its Choreographer Gerda König in 1995, the DIN A 13 tanzcompany has added new aesthetic categories to the world of modern dance and dance theatre, challenging current visual habits in the world of contemporary dance. Supposed barriers between physical impairment and dance performance melt into a language of poetic imagery, asking provocative questions and calling on an artistic dialogue. 

In 2005 Gustavo Fijalkow took over the company’s production direction.

Since then, König and Fijalkow have worked together towards developing both international co-productions and networking. In this course, the company has created dance productions with local and international artists in countries as different as Brazil, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, South Africa and Sri Lanka (now in production), always in close partnership with the Goethe-Institut (the German Cultural Institute)

Furthermore, carrying out festivals has been since then another main focus of the Company's work:
The Crossings Dance Festival, established by DIN A 13 tanzcompany in cooperation with tanzhaus nrw (Düsseldorf) has already reached its third edition.
Crossings is the first German platform for mixed-abled dance, in which mixed-abled dance companies from all over the world meet philosophers, journalists, visual artists, critics, film directors and other stakeholders of the German and international social and cultural life.
It is Crossings goal to build bridges between dance and other artistic expressions and to offer a platform to question the complex relationships between society, contemporary art, otherness, disabilities and aesthetic.

Being the DIN A 13 tanzcompany an internationally established ensemble, the current German dance landscape couldn’t be thought of without it. (2012)

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