CONtraSENTIDO - DIN A 13 tanzcompany & AM Danza de Habilidades Mixtas (short version) from DIN A 13 tanzcompany on Vimeo.



(Venezuela/Germany, 50')

How does one react when the familiar environment changes and it doesn't seem to be safe anymore? How fragile does the own existence seems to be? How much creative energy and which unsuspected forces are set free, when what is known turns suddenly into a threat and daily grind becomes a challenge?
A team of six dancers from Venezuela and a German choreographer with different physicalities have looked for these and more questions in an exciting eight-weeks creative period.
As second part of the project Upheaval, which will takes place in Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Lebanon and Germany, CONtraSENTIDO will tour in Germany after its Caracas world premier.


  • Choreography: Gerda König
  • Choreographic Assistance: Gitta Roser
  • Dancers: Pedro Alcalá, María Fernanda Castillo,
    José Conde, Alejandra Peña, Julio Loaiza,
    Fabiola Zérega
  • Video: León Grauer
  • Stage design: Edwin Erminy
  • Original Music: Xavier Losada
  • Lights: Jorge Luis Redondo
  • Costumes: Juan Carlos Vivas
  • Rehearsal assistant: Constanze Lemmerich
  • Direction AM and Cultural Coach: Alexander Madriz
  • Production direction: Gustavo Fijalkow

Based on the Concept Upheaval by Gerda König and Gustavo Fijalkow.


With the kind support of:

Ministerium für Familie
Stadt Köln Kulturamt
Peter Ustinov Stiftung
NRW Kultur International
Kämpgen Stiftung
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© Emilio Méndez
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