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Finale of the three-part performance project "UMBRUCH" (upheaval).

In addition to the "major" generic consequences, all political, cultural, religious, and economic upheavals always have personal ramifications, which are assimilated and processed differently in each cultural area.
"Upheaval" is focused not on the major generic upheaval in which the country in question found or finds itself, but rather on the question of what it means for individual people when social structures, circumstances, and physical integrity change, disintegrate and break down. When daily life is instead determined by violence, corruption, religious fanaticism, and physical and mental war wounds.

Under the artistic direction of Gerda König, three productions dealing with the topic of "upheaval" have been staged in Sri Lanka, Venezuela and Israel since 2011, each in collaboration with local mixed-abled dance companies and with composers and video artists. Tranz-/-flexion is the finale of this 3-year work phase,

 and interweaves the wealth and variety of the three productions in a walk-through dance-sound-video installation, which transcends the normal stage space.

17 dancers with and without disabilities from all over the world invite the public to stroll into the midst of the revolutionary situations – literally. The viewer becomes a participant. He becomes a projection screen, and can feel and grasp the stage set as a traversable carpet, as a surface for projections and reflections. The collages become a flood of images and parallel production sequences highlight the contrasts but also the analogies within the subject matter.

The DIN A 13 Dance Company is one of very few dance ensembles anywhere in the world, made up of dancers with and without disabilities. Due to the continual artistic and conceptual development of their productions, DIN A 13 is one of the leading mixed-abled dance ensembles in the world.


  • Choreography: Gerda König
  • Co-Choreography: Gitta Roser, Marc Stuhlmann
  • Dancers: Lior Amihai, Pedro Alcalá, José Conde, Julio Loaiza, Nadeeka Mahamarakkalagge, Venuri Perera, Pushpa Prathapasinghe, Sumit Rathnayaka, Mahesh Umagiliya, Thusitha Wimalasooriya, Fabiola Zérega, Giada Scuderi, Sofia Karagiorgou, Arkaitz Soria, Carolin Hartmann, Raffaella Galdi, Yamile Navarro
  • Video Artists: Vishnu Vasu, León Grauer, Daniel Landau
  • Dramaturgy for Video and Remix: Jürgen Salzmann
  • Video Assistence and Remix: Karl-Heinz Stenz
  • Music Composition: Harsha Makalande, Xavier Losada, Nimrod Gorovich
  • Costumes: Nikita Deana, Juan Carlos Vivas, Rozi Canan
  • Light: Gerd Weidig
  • Assistence Production Direction
    Berlin: Denise Mawila, Simon Junge
    Cologne: Katrin Lohbeck
  • Communication / PR
    Berlin: k3berlin
    Cologne: mechtild tellmann kulturmanagement
  • Production Direction: Gustavo Fijalkow

Based on the concept Upheaval by Gerda König and Gustavo Fijalkow.

Tranz-/-flexion and the Upheaval-Trilogy are kindly supported by:

Ministerium für Familie
Stadt Köln Kulturamt
Peter Ustinov Stiftung
NRW Kultur International
Kämpgen Stiftung


dance-sound-video installation

First release Berlin:

16./17./18./19./20. April 2014,  09:00 pm
Auguststrasse 90
10117 Berlin-Mitte


VVK € 15,05 / € 10,65
AK € 16,- / € 12,-

Cologne premiere:

Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum, Foyer
Cäcilienstraße 29-33
50667 Cologne
Fri, 2nd May 2014, 10:00 pm
Sat, 3rd May 2014, 10:00 pm
Within the Sommerblut-Festival 2014

Foto © David Beecroft
Foto © David Beecroft
Foto © David Beecroft
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