UNIque@dance aims to expand the imagination and reality of physical role models in the field of contemporary dance, in particular in the context of those institutions that regulate professional access to dance as a profession. The artistic engagement with diverse bodies in their aesthetic diversity should become a set part of the curriculum, enriching and expanding dance training and education in Germany.

UNIque@dance will accompany higher education establishments that offer dance as a degree course along this path. The focus is on the creation of sustainable forms of cooperation across Germany, involving representatives of universities, experts for mixed-abled dance, associations etc.

In order to meet the associated challenges, UNIque@dance proposes to establish a Centre of Excellence for Research. Its purpose is to develop concepts and strategies that will make the subjects listed in the curriculum accessible to students with non-normative bodies. This process will be supported by coaches, mediators and experts with disabilities who will contribute their competences in the context of mixed-abled dance. In exploratory conversations with some relevant institutions, UNIque@dance has already received extremely positive feedback on this proposal.

In addition, UNIque@dance aims to create formats that allow the inclusion of non-institutional structures of the dance scene, including both the artistic stage and dance education in a broader sense. UNIque@dance plans to establish think tanks and move tanks to ensure the possibility of research and development in this context at the same time.

The first events will take place later this year:

UNIque@dance was initiated by Gerda König, artistic director, and Gitta Roser, choreographer of the DIN A 13 dance company, who have been developing international mixed-abled dance productions for more than 27 years. Dr Gustavo Fijalkow also significantly contributed to the conceptual development of the project. He has long years of international experience as an academic and practitioner, including in mixed-abled dance, and will take on the role of project manager to co-lead the further implementation of UNIque@dance.

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